yWe Media Halts yWe Coast development

After much thought and consideration, yWe Media have decided to postpone their work and development along the South Coast.

In 2018, Radio Eastbourne was launched online and via Facebook. The plan and vision of this station was to replicate the success of Radio Bicester in this rapidly growing and changing costal town.

To fuel the launch of the station, yWe heavily invested in training and developing a team in Eastbourne. One year on, our team leader in Eastbourne had to move away from the project to focus on personal endeavours and responsibilities.

In September and October 2019, yWe tried to locate a new individual to assist in the development of yWe Coast and Radio Eastbourne. After a few interviews, yWe has failed to recruit a new team to work on the project. CEO and Founder, Samuel Isaacs, said: “Eastbourne is a rapidly growing and developing town along the coast of England. As things move more and more digital, there will always be a place for yWe Media in Eastbourne. I am disappointed that we have been unable to move things forward with this project. Location has been another issue, as we are based in Central Oxford and Bicester, we have struggled to get down to Eastbourne to interview potential team members and develop the business."

"Taking on Eastbourne was an ambitious task, one that we thought we could make work and integrate into our strategy. As we move into Banbury, Oxford and Witney in 2020, our strategy is to start local and build our company revenues before we move into other parts of the country.” yWe will continue to operate Radio Eastbourne as is, with the vision of re-opening in the future, the Managing Director position for Radio Eastbourne will also stay open. Samuel continued: “If we can find the right individual in Eastbourne or the surrounding area, we will resume our work straight away.”

yWe will now focus on 2020, a busy year for the organisation and its growth strategy.

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Samuel Isaacs: sam@ywemedia.com