yWe Media announces a business update.

2020 has been a difficult year for a number of different reasons. The impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic, coupled with its political and economic effects, have led to an unprecedented change to our society.

At the beginning of the year yWe made significant progress towards creating a new vision and company strategy. On the 30th January 2020, yWe changed the name of Radio Bicester Media C.I.C. to yWe Media Oxfordshire C.I.C. and continued to explore localised podcast content.

As 2020 has developed, and as lockdowns started all over the world, yWe spent this time focusing on its business and the direction in which it should take the company. During the lockdown in the United Kingdom, yWe developed its first piece of consumer software, YCAST.io.

YCAST.io was initially designed with a focus on giving back copyright control to the podcaster, over time however, the company realised that YCAST.io was more suited to commercial customers that needed to create an enhanced brand experience for their podcasts. Enabling complete control to the user, YCAST.io is able to create a bespoke and custom branded podcast player, allowing companies to have complete control over their podcast marketing.

In June 2020, yWe also developed yWe Meet, a fully encrypted and branded online, web based, video conferencing solution. yWe Meet is designed to provide ease of use to its users. Not only is it web based, but it is also fully encrypted giving users peace of mind, in the light of questions around Zoom Conferencing's data practices. The company has decided to offer access to yWe Meet for free with every YCAST.io subscription.

Building on this huge transition from a community focused podcasting organisation to a fully commercial creative alternative media agency, yWe made the decision to close down yWe Media Oxfordshire C.I.C. In August 2020, the shareholders of yWe Media Oxfordshire C.I.C. agreed with a majority to close the company down. An application to strike the company off of the register was submitted to the UK Companies House on the 8th September. Companies House accepted the submission on the same day.

With the closure of yWe Media Oxfordshire C.I.C. the company is now able to focus entirely on its commercial entity yWe Media LTD. Throughout this time, yWe has also recruited a board of advisors to advise the company on its future developments. With 5 external advisors joining the company, the board is currently made up of seven individuals, featuring Samuel Isaacs and Nadezhda Fuentes from the company.

The company is still actively looking for a board advisor with a background in Finance and Accounting, if you are interested or know anybody that could be, please get in touch with Samuel Isaacs directly: sam@ywemedia.com

yWe is now on a mission to help companies be seen, be heard and be themselves. With a wide range of business to business services, the organisation is excited to move forwards.

CEO and Founder, Samuel Isaacs said:

“Throughout 2020, we have made some significant progress towards our commercial objectives. We are now a fully functional alternative media agency, that has over 10 years experience within the media environment. Our team are very passionate about the future and the direction in which we are taking our company. I am also delighted to have attracted such a great calibre of talent to our advisory board. Each member has a unique skillset and depth of experience within many industries. Stay tuned, because we are on a mission to be seen, be heard and be ourselves.”

Samuel Isaacs

This is an exciting time for yWe Media.

Press Enquiries: press@ywemedia.com
Samuel Isaacs, CEO and Founder: sam@ywemedia.com
Nadezhda Eunice Fuentes Rodriguez, Chief Operations Officer: naddy@ywemedia.com

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