The Figures are in! - Radio Bicester yearly report and AGM

On December 4th 2019, yWe Media CEO and Founder, Samuel Isaacs, hosted Radio Bicester’s annual general meeting. In order to move with the times, this was the first AGM that was Live Streamed to the team via our internal Workplace platform.

17% of Radio Bicester’s team attended the AGM live whilst a further 37% re-watched the stream after broadcast. All members of the management team were present.

On the stream, Samuel outlined the performance for the year, reflected on this performance and then talked through the vision for 2020+. Here is a synopsis of what was discussed:

Overall 2019 was a successful year for Radio Bicester in terms of Audience Growth, listeners increases by 1.26% totalling to 32,100 (1) and digital impressions increased by 17.2% totalling to 383,400 (1). Revenue failed to pick up in 2019, Radio Bicester did not hit its revenue target, however the commercialisation project has made some good progress and has laid down the foundations for growth in 2020+.

Samuel, and the team reflected on the good retention and happiness of Radio Presenters at the organisation, identified a skills lack on the management team and reflected on the two sales teams that failed in 2019. There was a serious amount of progress technically in 2019, with the introduction of the yWe Media audio player, Podcast Platform and a brand new and improved website to host our content on. These technical advancements will save the organisation money in the long term and will also lead to a 100% custom platform without any 3rd Party involvement. The team highlighted this strength in the technical area of the organisation.

Samuel then went on to go through the vision for 2020+, highlighting to the team that this is just the beginning of what we want to achieve. Essentially yWe Media is currently a pre-start-up that has lots of drive and ambition, with the right attitude, yWe aims to achieve things that no other Media Organisation has, and aims to create it’s own market.

Overall the Annual General Meeting went well, with lots of positive comments from the team.

Samuel Isaacs, CEO and Founder said:

“I am delighted with the performance of 2019. We changed our platform from live radio to podcasts in an ambitious move to radically change the way people think about ‘Community Radio’. With this we expected a drop in our popularity and our listeners. So when I ran the reports and discovered a growth of 1.26%, I knew that the initial worries I had were worth it. As an Entrepreneur that wants to change the way media works you have to take risks, and this organisation is one of those organisations that will achieve what it sets out to, it may take us a while to get there, but I am super confident that we will.”

Samuel Isaacs

Speaking about revenue, Samuel continued:

“When you move from a community project supported by local government, to a commercial organisation, you are going to be presented with a variety of issues. As we develop our commercialisation programme, we are also looking into other ways to turn this amazing start-up and team into the next Global Radio. I am confident in my vision, we are playing around at the moment with multiple ways to capitalise on our listener figures and on our technology, it's only a matter of time before we see the growth in this area that we want to achieve. Naddy, Dave and Adam have reacted very well to the introduction of Commercialisation and have really helped us drive things in the right direction. I’d like to thank them for their continued efforts.”

Samuel Isaacs

This is an exciting time for yWe Media.

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