Radio Bicester takes the leap into 'podcast only' and changes name.

Over the past few years podcasting has increased massively in popularity. All over the world and in the UK, podcasting has become a unique medium for content creation.

In December 2018, Radio Bicester made the switch from live radio to pre-recorded radio in an ambitious move to bring the future of radio to Bicester. In 2020 yWe and Radio Bicester will be taking this development further to move entirely to a podcast based output.

2019 oversaw the completion and development of the yWe Audio platform, a bespoke podcast player, hosted and built by yWe Media for yWe Media. yWe will now run entirely on its own technology, an impressive milestone for the ambitious start-up.

This move will end the organisations content that plays music in a traditional radio style. As an organisation, all podcasts will now be talk based and be made up of interesting community themes as well as wider subjects.

At the same time the company has collaboratively decided to drop the name Radio Bicester from its output. Radio Bicester will no longer be a name associated with the organisation, from now on all content will be produced by yWe Media directly. Radio Bicester Media C.I.C. will rename to yWe Media Oxfordshire C.I.C. and will focus on the wider Oxfordshire community.

With this announcement comes the news that Radio Banbury will no longer launch in 2020. The overarching yWe Oxfordshire organisation will now be creating content across the county. We will still have content created locally in Bicester and Banbury, that is specifically for the retrospective communities.

In terms of roles, David Edmondson, the Director of Radio at Radio Bicester, will now become the Head Podcast Producer at yWe Media. Naddy Fuentes will move role to become Managing Director of yWe Media Oxfordshire C.I.C. Adam Childs will also change role to Content Production Lead at yWe Media. These changes strengthen the companies management team in light of the recent changes.

Sadly, this change will see some presenters leave the organisation. All presenters were given the opportunity to move over to the new format, with support from the team. Head of Podcasts, David Edmondson had a few comments about those departing the organisation:

“Over the last four years I have seen and worked with some great people here at Radio Bicester. I am sad to see some of our team leave the organisation and wish them all the best in the future”.

David Edmondson

CEO and Founder, Samuel Isaacs said:

“These changes help reenforce our vision to become the future of our digital communities. Over the past nine years our organisation has always spent time exploring other methods of producing content, from Live Radio through to Facebook Live video, we have consistently innovated to find a stable place for the future. I echo David’s comments on the team. It’s never easy having these conversations with such talented individuals, I wish everyone that decided to venture out on their own all the best in the future”

Samuel Isaacs

Samuel also wanted to comment on the platform developed:

“We are now running on our own custom built platform and audio player. With integration into Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more… we have developed our own system to create content on. This brings so much opportunity to increase our listenership. As we move into this new yWe era, we can finally see a clear path to our future success.”

Samuel Isaacs

It seems like yWe is on the trajectory to grow, from radically changing itself to be more suitable in the current audio market, to bringing in people to develop the organisation forward. It will be an exciting few years for this ambitious start-up.

The company aims for the changes to take affect by the end of February.

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