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Founded on the principle of enabling creators, yWe Media is a business ready to grow. Podcasting is in a growth phase, marketers, content creators and everyday individuals are looking to get into podcasting. yWe is here to give everybody the opportunity to start their podcast. Whether it’s through our B2C podcast software suite or its through one of our advanced creative services, yWe is the complete solution for providing both B2B and B2C podcasting tools. We’re an ambitious start up that has only just begun!

yWe Media

Our Journey

Our Journey into Media

As teenagers, Samuel Isaacs, Ross Arrowsmith and Steven Fulford started Spare Moment Online, an internet radio station.

Rename to Radio Bicester

Moving from a hobby to a business, Spare Moment Online becomes Radio Bicester and is now a community radio station for the people of Bicester and Oxfordshire.

£16,000 in 8 months.

Generating over £16,000 in revenue within the first 8 months, Radio Bicester becomes a Limited Company and later changes to a C.I.C.

Inital Growth Plan

Plans developed to create sister stations across the country and to build a nationwide community media organisation. Commercialisation and preparation into strategy explored.

yWe Media founded

Created with the intention of leading commercialisation, yWe Media is born. Initial focus is on platform capabilities for Radio Bicester and podcasting technology.

Podcasting Software Created

Development of yWe podcasting solution beta complete, trial in place with shows, with the intention of moving entirely from live radio production to podcasting.

Jan 2020
The Future and Change

Removal of local media format, focus on nationally led podcasts with the intention to commercialise and sell advertisements. Presence launched in Mexico and Spain to target communities with a strong focus on digital and audio.

Mar 2020
UK Lockdown...

With the UK Lockdown on the cards, we were forced to close our studio. This started a thought provoking process of thinking about the future of our organisation and business. With a passion for software development and podcasting, we decided to focus on developing software tools to help our remote presenters record podcasts from home. This process evolved into the launch of YCAST…

May 2020
Launch of (B2C)

Pivot from a community podcasting service to a digital audio agency. Launch of, an evolution of the yWe podcasting solution, open and affordable to all. Development of other podcasting tools to help podcasts underway.

We're only just getting started...

Our changes in 2020 are leading us in the right direction. We are destined to become a fully commercial digital audio business with multiple products and services. yWe is fuelled with passion, our entire team has the drive, belief and determination to achieve our goals. This is an exciting time for us and we would love to talk to you in some more details about our vision and strategy.

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