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Join the yWe Media story by exporing the opportunity of ethical software development.

Where are we?

yWe Media is currently a seed level start-up with small ammounts of revenue. We are proud to say that the company is currently bootstrapped and profitable. Our mindset is to build profitable ethical products that solve business problems.

Our vision

yWe Media envisions a world where businesses excel by embracing ethical practices and harnessing technology responsibly. Our goal is to become the global leader in ethical software solutions, including standout podcasting services that honor our deep roots in audio production and radio. We are paving the way for sustainable growth and setting new standards in the industry, blending cutting-edge technology with the art of storytelling through sound. We aspire to inspire businesses across all sectors to prioritize social responsibility, user privacy, and environmental stewardship, all while delivering exceptional performance, value, and engaging audio content. Our vision extends beyond software solutions; it encompasses a commitment to enhancing the auditory landscape of the business world, encouraging a harmonious balance between technological advancement and creative expression.

Our people

yWe Media is built by a vareity of creative, experienced and dynamic people.

Sapna Shah

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With transatlantic operations and finance experience in a variety of sectors, Sapna is a capable business leader.

Samuel Isaacs

Co-founder and Chief Technology and Marketing Officer (CTMO)

With senior level marketing experience and technical development skills, Samuel is a proven creative business leader.

Adam Childs

Radio Producer

With years of community radio and audio experience, Adam is our creative radio / podcast producer.

"Our love and care for software is why we (yWe) created yWe Media!"

- Samuel Isaacs, Co-founder

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Allthough we are not actively looking for investment, we still have an investment pack for investors seeking to find out more information.

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