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Pick That Out

Pick That Out is the new weekly podcast celebrating the local football scene in and around Bicester. Hosted by Lee Smith and Kieran Chambers discussing the local results, fixtures and gossip....

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A Ways Out

Ways Out is a LBGTQ+ focused radio show. Presented by Alex, Haru & Chloe Produced by Davey Edmondson.

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Hangman's Booth

Bicester's only hip hop show will get your head bopping to the beat. Playing the most quality tunes from both the US and UK.

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Shake The Tree

Two people, discussing life, news and how to take action to be happier. We are hopeful humans in a strange world, come join us!

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Teen Talks

Teen Talks is a show about what’s current, hip and trendy among today’s youth. Featuring a diverse range of music, there are some excellent modern tunes on this show.

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It's a Sporty One

t’s a Sporty One features a wide range of sports news, game predictions, entertainment, music and Archie’s legendary top ten of the week.

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