U.K. Media start-up yWe Media announces ambitious plan to enter Mexican market.

Over the past two years, we have been working towards achieving our vision of becoming an international, community led, media organisation. From yWe’s inception in June 2018, the company vision has always been to explore as many opportunities as possible, where community media could be transformed for the better.

Today we are announcing our plan to enter into the Mexican market with the introduction of yWe Mexico. Launching with 2 shows in Q3 2020, we are looking forward to seeing the impact that our innovative community media platform will have on the people of Mexico.

As part of the process we are recruiting podcasters and business professionals from Mexico to join us on our journey to revolutionise the local media landscape throughout the Latin America country.

This is an ambitious project, one that will help us identify and prove our scalability from an international perspective. Not only have we been working on achieving our longer term vision in the past two years, we have also been working on developing our software and podcasting format. yWe now has its own dedicated platform and software that can quickly and easily adapt to any language and country across the world.

As we see opportunities where community media can unite people, countries and organisations together we will seek to invest in them. As proven with the circumstances of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you do not need to be physical to launch or create a new presence in a country. Going forward as an organisation, we will be creating processes and policies that allow our teams to operate from anywhere. It’s our innovation and technical advancements that enable us to develop our start-up in this way.

In time we will seek to open a presence in Mexico City to assist with recruitment and business services, to continue to move the Mexican organisation forward.

I am personally excited by this announcement, I believe that yWe will perform in a different way in other countries. Cultures in Mexico and other countries are focused on family, community and national pride. This coupled with the importance and increase in mobile technology throughout the nation, enables a perfect hub for yWe Media.

We look forward to enabling the people of Mexico to create content for Mexico.

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