yWe Media

yWe Media is a ethical and creative software development company with a keen interest in digital and modern media.

We beleive that it is possible to create amazing digital products and to respect user privacy.

Our mission is to empower businesses with innovative, ethical software solutions that drive growth, enhance efficiency, and uphold the highest standards of privacy and social responsibility.

We are deeply committed to our roots in audio production and radio, which is reflected in our passion for offering top-tier podcasting services. By nurturing meaningful partnerships and fostering transparency, we champion a balance of cutting-edge technology, ethical values, and high-quality audio storytelling.

We are dedicated to forging a sustainable future where progress and integrity go hand in hand, and where the power of sound enhances our connection with audiences worldwide. Together, we strive to create a world where business excellence and creative audio expression coexist seamlessly.

Our people

yWe Media is built by a vareity of creative, experienced and dynamic people.

Sapna Shah


With transatlantic operations and finance experience in a variety of sectors, Sapna is a capable business leader.

Samuel Isaacs


With senior level marketing experience and technical development skills, Samuel is a proven creative business leader.

Samiksha Shrestha

Account Management

Sami is our account manager, her responsibility is to look after and support yWe clients.

Adam Childs

Radio Producer

With years of community radio and audio experience, Adam is our creative radio / podcast producer.

Advisory board

yWe Media is supported by business experts who have a combined 93 years of business experience.

Warren Sweeting

Board member - corporate growth

With a career spanning over three decades, Warren is senior management leader with experience in corporate growth and change.

Stephen Haydon

Board member - commercial

Stephen is a proven commercial business leader. He has experince at some of the worlds largest pharmaceutical organisations.

Steve Webber

Board member - new media

Steve has held many roles throughout his 50+ year broadcast and digital media career. Today he is focused on the future of digital media.

"Our love and care for software is why we (yWe) created yWe Media!"

- Samuel Isaacs, Co-founder


yWe Media was awarded Best Ethical Software Development Firm 2023, South East England.

We are proud to have been awarded the Best Ethical Software Development Firm 2023, South East England. Our passion for ethical software development has been showcased by SME News.